Jump⚡️jack Sound Machine

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Jump⚡️jack Sound Machine
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Jump⚡️jack Sound Machine says
Jump⚡️Jack Sound Machine
Is Portlands new dance floor and incubator for movers, groove makers, art darlings, and audiophiles with an ear for deeper cuts and eyes for bright lights...

House, Disco, Funk, Break, Tech; Jump⚡️Jack will focus on the sounds that have defined dance floors and disco balls. We are your light bearers. ⚡️

⚡️As always LQQKS are where it's at...
Come to be seen.

⚡️Come with an open mind and prepare to have it blown...
We are a diverse group of queerdos, art makers, qweens, movers, and allies.

⚡️Prepare to lose yourself in the music...

⚡️Sounds- Chanti Darling DJ's
DJ Hold My Hand (Bridge Club)

⚡️Twirls- Shitney Houston

⚡️Sweat- William Jay Ylvisaker

⚡️Snaps- Rak Edwards

⚡️Artwork- Gula Delgatto

⚡️Theme- Every month we want to invoke a feeling... We will invoke the disco ball spirits through suggestion of song.

⚡️This month- Baby This Love I Have -Pulse Rework
---> http://youtu.be/pbQU4sS5jYc
Listen to this as you adorn yourself for the night life. ❤️❤️


*It goes without saying that this event is safe community space. Any bad behavior and ists or isms of any kind will not be tolerated. Come to dance about it ❤️
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