Lightworker Community Clinic

Lightworker Community Clinic
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Lightworker Community Clinic says

<< Lightworker Community Clinic is an energy medicine clinic that is open to the public, staffed by the students of Lightworker Training, and facilitated by the course instructor, Tatiana Sakurai >>

Join us every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month in the studio of Awakenings at 7:30pm for a great opportunity to receive integrated multimodality energy work from students and graduates of the Lightworker Training courses!

The Details:

Clinic starts with individual check-ins, then we move into a short guided meditation lead by Tatiana before pairing up those who are gifting healing service that evening with those who are receiving it. Finally, we end with a short closing giving thanks.

Total time of the clinic is 1 hour. Please allow for the full time so that you can receive all the benefits of the practice.

Please enter clinic from the studio entrance on the side and to the rear of the building, not through the front door, so that we can honor the practitioners in the front offices who may have clients.

We gratefully receive donations of any dollar amount. Donations go toward paying for the cost of the clinic (rent, supplies, etc) and all service is gifted lovingly from our hearts to yours!

Bright Blessings!

Your Host Facilitator,

Tatiana Sakurai
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