Long Hallways, Three For Silver, Yeah Great Fine At Mississippi Studios

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Long Hallways, Three For Silver, Yeah Great Fine At Mississippi Studios
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Long Hallways, Three For Silver, Yeah Great Fine At Mississippi Studios says
“..Surging, emotive, yet textural and thoughtfully-composed…one of the most eclectic post-rock bands active these days. If you’re looking for an example of some evidence that Portland still puts out a fair amount of quality exploratory music, look no further…”, Foreign Accents Music Blog.
Rooted in the swells and textures of Post-Rock, Long Hallways incoporates a host of influences: Latin, Mediterranean, Jazz, Metal, Electronic, Classical and Ambient (to name a few) into carefully constructed songs. While often intricate, the music also develops an emotively-driven spaciousness. "Dense with trees of earthen texture and as expansive as your mind will allow,” says Arctic Drones regarding the first track, ‘Crystal Forest’, from their new album, “The Way Home”. The band's performances are known to transport listeners into an introverted storyline. https://longhallways.bandcamp.com/
Their performance this evening will be a rare full album performance by their new 6-piece full band lineup.

Yeah Great Fine
"Yeah Great Fine... is a bold attempt at tying together two wildly disparate approaches to music. Simultaneously emphasizing sunny pop songrcraft and the challenge and density of experimental/math/progressive rock, the album is one very much of it's time. There is a new swath of musicians coming up in the world (Maps & Atlases, Battles, Max Tundra) that refuse to be content perpetuating staid genre exercises, but instead of turning outward into intentionally difficult noise experiments, choose to simply create their own pop music. Music that soars, that breathes, that connects with the listener on a visceral level while still stimulating the mind."

Three For Silver
Three For Silver is post-collapse, post-apocalyptic, post-rock, post-everything. The acid baby of Tom Waits and Les Claypool. A freewheeling collective in which the only rule is to survive and perform, an elastic conglomeration of musical freaks as likely to be found in a grand theater performing for foreign dignitaries as busking on your street corner for spare change.
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