Meetup #2: Politics Are Depressing / Feelings Are Political

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Meetup #2: Politics Are Depressing / Feelings Are Political
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Meetup #2: Politics Are Depressing / Feelings Are Political says
A Reading, Feeling and Discussion Group
Facilitated by Ariana Jacob
The second meeting will take place on Saturday, October 15, 11am-12:30pm at Newspace (1632 SE 10th Ave)
All texts available online, see below for information

This discussion group will focus on the political potential embedded in our everyday emotional lives. The desire to explore this topic with a group was sparked by noticing a link between people’s increasingly high levels of anxiety, depression and other mental health challenges on the one hand, and on the other, the deep disappointment, resignation and pervasive fear that people across the political spectrum are feeling about our official political system. Could it be that treating emotional suffering as a private, individual problem diverts energy away from the the collective struggle that is needed for healthy political life?

It can be relieving to recognize that our heavy feelings are not only our own – while we are their carrier they come from and belong to this society. This group will be a place to reflect upon our emotions as products of our economic, political and social conditions, and as powerful forces that could be aimed towards changing the world we live in together.

This reading group is free and open to the general public. RSVPs help us plan better – please reserve a spot online for all the meetings you plan to attend at – thank you!

Weekly Readings:
(For links to full essays visit:

Week 2: October 15
We Are All Very Anxious, by The Institute for Precarious Consciousness
(plus link to audio file of article being read)

Additional meetings:

Week 1: October 8
Anxiety and Depression Are Symptoms, Not Diseases, by Gregg Henriques
Good For Nothing, by Mark Fisher
(Meetup #1: Politics are Depressing/Feelings are Political)

Week 3: October 29
Depression: A Public Feeling – Introduction, by Ann Cvetkovich
(Meetup #3: Politics are Depressing / Feelings are Political)

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This public program is held in conjunction with Newspace's concurrent group exhibition, ON DEMOCRACY. For info visit:
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