Opening Reception: "Supernature" & "Forty Four"

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Opening Reception: "Supernature" & "Forty Four"
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Opening Reception: "Supernature" & "Forty Four" says
Antler Gallery is delighted to announce the opening of two new shows on November 25th. Refreshments will be provided by our good friends at Dogwood Distilling

"Supernature" features original works by Vanessa Foley and Lisa Ericson. The exhibition brings together two emerging forces in the new contemporary genre. Both artists focus heavily on the natural world and the mystic majesty it holds within.

Vanessa Foley is an artist from Wallsend, England who is known for her intensely detailed graphite drawings and emotionally rich oil paintings. She has become a long-standing member of the Antler Gallery roster since we first exhibited her work three years ago. Vanessa has embraced the stylistic beauty that oil painting offers an artist representing subjects accurately. The density and delicacy of the feathers in her paintings of birds of prey, and herons (carnivorous and bad-ass, but not strictly birds of prey as they lack talons) is stunning.

Lisa Ericson is showing with Antler Gallery for the second time, following her sold out debut show in 2015. Known for her photo-realistic renderings of “mouser-flies” (rodents with butterfly wings) and fish who act as coral reefs for smaller species in need of protection, her technical skill is beyond compare. The depth of her feeling really shines through in these gorgeous renderings of supernatural beings which look as though they are photographs taken on a night safari or deep-dive.

“Forty-four” is Zoe Keller's second feature show at Antler gallery, following “Intricacies” (collaborative drawings with Christina Mrozik) which opened exactly one year ago. This series of graphite drawings simultaneously depicts and documents forty-four North American species we are at risk of seeing disappear. Five of the pieces are the largest and most detailed Zoe has made to date, measuring more than 3ft wide, and they are complimented by a set of smaller works.

The show will feature a limited edition, hand-made, zine which contains writing on each species alongside the images. One copy of the zine will accompany each piece or original art and the remainder of the edition will be available from the gallery at the opening reception on November 25th.

Here follows Zoe’s artist statement about this body of work:

There is incredible beauty in the species that we stand to lose from the North American continent: in the curved horn of the Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep, in the liquid gleam of a Tooth Cave Pseudoscorpion’s pincer, and in the more than 10,000 year-old story of the Iowa Pleistocene Snail. By depicting these forty-four at risk North American species, I hope to contribute to a more complete understanding of the current extinction crisis: a crisis that is claiming charismatic megafauna and humble invertebrates alike, and that is unfolding here, quietly and steadily, in the rivers, forests and prairies that we too often take for granted.
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