Pedalpalooza Kickoff Ride

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Pedalpalooza Kickoff Ride
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Pedalpalooza Kickoff Ride says

6PM Salmon Fountain
8PM Drop off families at BASE CAMP, Plaid stop at 12th and Morrison, then we RIDE MORE.
9:30PM Party under Hawthorne Bridge eastside

We are putting the PEDAL in Pedalpalooza. Please come ready for a BIKE RIDE. We will do a 5 mile ride to Base Camp (930 SE Oak St), families and folks who are tired of riding can stop there, everyone else, we're going to keep riding until it's time to stop and PARTAY! Probably another 8 miles of riding including a stop at the Plaid. Yes, you heard it right, so long as the weather is not bad, we will be out to RIDE!

The first part of the ride is 5.5 miles and is VERY flat aside from one hill near the start to get over Burnside Bridge. Great for families, kids, heavy bikes with trailers, etc... The second portion of the ride will be only mildly hillier, if you are tired from the first, then maybe don't consider the second. Grab a beer and food at Base Camp and food carts and then come down to the waterfront for the after party. If you are not tired, THEN RIDE!!!

Come dressed up to, not the 9's, not even the 10's, PEOPLE WE ARE DRESSING TO THE 11'S. That means, bring the most of your personal flavor whether that be the most outrageous fantastic thing you own or just your normal awesome rad everyday self, either way, you will look slick, WE WILL LOOK SLICK and we will be out to show PDX how it is done!

Caveat: kiddos have to be out of Base Camp at 10PM, but if your kids are up that late then come down to the waterfront.

Restrooms: There are restrooms on the waterfront under the Hawthorne Bridge and a Portland Loo is just one block north of the Salmon Springs Fountain. There will be no other facilities on the ride other than very briefly at Base Camp and then again we will go back to Salmon Fountain on the loop for a pause.

Safety: We are all out to have a fantastic time and celebrate the amazing beginning of Portland's most beloved cycling festival. Let's ride with caution, passion, and a huge pile of mutual respect for each other. Let's make sure everyone ends their night home safely and that we start this Pedalpalooza IN STYLE!
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