Radical Aliveness Workshop With David Sutcliffe

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Radical Aliveness Workshop With David Sutcliffe
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Radical Aliveness Workshop With David Sutcliffe says
“There is a state in which we are exquisitely present, fully alive, authentic and spontaneous. We are open to all of our feelings. We are not afraid to know anything about ourselves or about others. We are connected to our strength and our truth. It is here that we stand fully as leaders in the world. This is Radical Aliveness.” -Ann Bradney, Founder & Director

What if there was a place you didn’t have to hold anything back? A place where you could genuinely be yourself. A place where you could take risks, let go of control, feel and express everything inside of you. A place where you can move fearlessly toward all that you really want, and say no to what you don’t. A place where you could experience your pleasure and your pain, your love and your rage…all the messy contradictions that make us human.

Join us in a weekend workshop of the Radical Aliveness Process, where there is space for all that you are and all that you feel. We’ll help you confront old patterns and shed light on the unconscious behaviors that sabotage you from the very things you say that you want. If you desire true change in your life, come and experience yourself in a way you never have before.

This workshop is fun and cathartic and will help you open in fresh and profound ways. Deep individual work balances with dynamic group processing for a weekend of connection, excitement and learning.

Return to your life refreshed, wildly expanded and fully expressive
of your heart and all your gifts.

Price: $300 for the weekend

David Sutcliffe is an actor (Gilmore Girls) filmmaker (Group: A Documentary Series), and Certified Radical Aliveness Core Energetics Practitioner. He founded Radical Aliveness Toronto in 2012, helping to establish a now thriving RA community. He is on the faculty of the Radical Aliveness Institute, and teaches workshops in Los Angeles, Toronto and around the United States. “I am interested in creating a space where people can experience themselves in a new way; where they don't have to hold anything back; where they can experiment and take risks, discovering creative and empowering ways to bring their gifts to the world.”
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By: Radical Aliveness Institute