Return To The Temple Within Spring Equinox

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Return To The Temple Within   Spring Equinox
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Return To The Temple Within Spring Equinox says

"If flowers can teach themselves how to bloom after winter passes so can you." -Noor Shirazie

March’s Return to the Temple Within is held on the night before Spring Equinox. Within this sacred ceremonial workshop gathering, we will be welcoming the vibrancy of NEW GROWTH! The time for Soul Mapping begins, planting the seed intentions that nurture your life’s path forward into her fullest bloom.

You create the textures of your life by the love that you emanate for all aspects of who you are. Such internal love naturally cascades outwards into your world at large, ushering in all that is of the same divine resonance. It is you... The great master of love who gets to build the multi layered textures upon the tapestry of your Life. It is you who gets to call out from the voice of creation and consciously weave in vibrancy, magic, mystery, beauty, healing and New Belief. It is you who honors the every cycle, shacking out the dusts of winter in order to sustain the new vibrancy’s of life.

As spring awakens herself into our everyday, may you feel replenished and bold to welcome the many voices of new growth.

We will be working with "On Solid Ground" FLower Essence Blend. Sweet pea - Trillium - Rose quartz

Affirmation “My energy is centered, Grounded and focused… I live fully in the present.”

Key words: Grounding, Feeling safe and supported on Earth, Trusting in your foundation in the moment, comfort in the body, helps with sactterdness, Centered, Social roots, Abandonment, Finding your tribe, Belonging, Sweetness for Life, direction, Building roots. Honoring your existence.

I invite you to nurture yourself within the vastness of stillness. Come sit in circle as we embody the richness of Ceremony, Silent / Guided Meditation - Divine movement Breath work - Kundalini flow - Flower Essences – Visualization – Soul mapping and Self Energy work.

*** Bring your journal, Any Item, photo, piece to place upon the altar if you wish ♡Come in comfort ♡ Bring you sacred sisters!

-MUST RSVP for space is beautiful and limited room ♡
♡ 30~40$ ♡ for circle

You are loved Honored and adored ♥ Sat Nam
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By: Essence Of the Mother