Shimmy Shack: Proqxis & Friends Salon

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Shimmy Shack: Proqxis & Friends Salon
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Shimmy Shack: Proqxis & Friends Salon says
[suh-lon; French sa-lawn]

a drawing room or reception room in a large house.
an assembly of guests in such a room, especially an assembly, common during the 17th and 18th centuries, consisting of the leaders in society, art, politics, etc.
a hall or place used for the exhibition of works of art.
a shop, business, or department of a store offering a specific product or service, especially one catering to a fashionable clientele:
a dress salon; a hair salon.
(initial capital letter)
the Salon, an annual exhibition of works of art by living artists, originally held at the Salon d'Apollon: it became, during the 19th century, the focal point of artistic controversy and was identified with academicism and official hostility to progress in art.
a national exhibition of works of art by living artists:
Salon des Refus├ęs; Salon des Ind├ępendants.

We aim to please and obfuscate sensibilities then put them on display, primed for transmutation.

avant electronica downbeat electro techno amalgamations from proqxis & friends (TBA) who are sure to bring 100% cuts.

stay tuned for confirmed appearances by:

Cory B

Bot 23

Andy Warren


Josh Logue

Smart and sociable experimental dance concatenations for dat asp.
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