Tantric Relationships And The Subconscious

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Tantric Relationships And The Subconscious
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Tantric Relationships And The Subconscious says
In this revolutionary workshop, we will blend the teachings of the East and the West, and experience how to engage in Conscious Relationships. Rather than be ruled by our Subconscious, through traditional Tantric teachings, and cutting edge Psychotherapy techniques.

Tantra is a spiritual path that seeks to move us back towards Unity. One of the most powerful ways to do this is through relationship.

Tantric Conscious Relationships are relationships that we both engage in consciously and relationships that spontaneously inspire us to expand our consciousness.

However there is so much of who we are that is hidden, in our subconscious - for example our childhood wounding, and the subconscious determines so much more of our reality than we realize. For instance, often our relationships are merely a replica of patterns ingrained in us from early childhood.

By intentionally encountering our own subconscious, and our partner willingly engaging their own, we can break these ingrained patterns and our relationship can be a source of healing, empowerment and growth.

The workshop will be largely experiential and will include:
-Group, partner and solo exercises
-Techniques from Yoga and Tantra

*Note: This workshop will be beneficial if you are currently in relationship, or currently single*

*Note: There is no genital touch or nudity in this workshop*

*Disclaimer: This workshop is not a substitude for personal therapy*

Investment: $50 individuals/ $90 couples or bring-a-friend
and if you attend both this workshop and the Tantra and Subconscious receive another 10% discount.

We want this workshop to be available to those of all financial situations, if this is beyond your means please contact me to discuss options.

Your Hosts:

Amitayus is a Tantra and Yoga teacher focusing on consciousness, sexuality and death. He has been teaching internationally for 6 years; in Thailand, the USA, Canada, Australia, Korea and India. He is dedicated to restoring the Divine Masculine in the world, and is currently offering many Yoga and Tantra workshops in Portland and Seattle. Learn more about him at www.meetamitayus.com.

Elica is psychotherapist and Yoga therapist sepcializing in the subconscious and shadow integration, relationships and trauma. She has over 12 years of experience in therapy and energetic processes, fusing eastern teaching with progressive western psychotherapeutic techniques.
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By: Spanda Tantra Yoga

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