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The Dreaming Dirt says
The Dreaming Dirt is a multidisciplinary forum for works in process hosted by Felicity Fenton and Stephanie Brachmann.
Served open mic style.

If you are not in Portland and want to share your work virtually (via Skype or FaceTime) we can totally accommodate you.

Round THREE will happen on October 23rd at the Waypost from 7-10 pm.
Sign up sheet will be posted at 6 pm, but you can also send a FB message and we can easily put you on the list beforehand. Each participant will have (approximately) 5 to 10 minutes to share their work.
If you plan on doing something that requires plugging in or projecting, we have you covered. There will also a piano for Thelonious Monk/Kate Bush mashups (or whatever else)

Please bring pom poms or other cheering accoutrements to support friends and comrades.

This is a free-form environment and we welcome and encourage ALL disciplines and non-disciplines to perform (or not). You can perform anything, wild or mundane. You can read something you've written or something someone else has written. You can make a declaration about the state of the world. You can do your taxes. You can talk about a painting you've painted. You can have a conversation with your Great Aunt, You can give a lecture on mud. You can sing an aria. You can play the spoons with your elbows. You can knit a tiny sweater. You can show up as the UPS driver delivering packages filled with dust.

Or... You can hum. You can hop. You can lounge. You can shimmy. You can warble. You can strum. You can lecture. You can dress-up. You can twirl. You can swallow. You can crawl. You can sit. You can read. You can declare. You can laugh. You can shuffle. You can improvise. You can heal. You can bang. You can rumble. You can refine. You can mingle. You can write. You can cry. You can canter. You can bark. You can howl. You can dust. You can rise. You can follow. You can disappear. You can magic. You can free. You can gather. You can note. You can unplug. You can quiet. You can revolve. You can hold. You can hug. You can stretch. You can bury. You can question. You can mop. You can brush. You can… You can yodel, you can whine, you can rip, you can flex, you can usher, you can hug, you can wallow, you can churn, you can pass, you can wince, you can summon, you can happen, you can itch, you can grin, you can roil, you can stumble, you can jump, you can hiccup, you can cavort, you can slosh, you can haggle, you can trim, you can treat, you can yawn, you can gulp, you can perch, you can prod, you can slither, you can hope, you can wiz, you can blaze, you can...
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