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The Phantom In Hecklevision!
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The Phantom In Hecklevision! says
“The ghost who walks. The man who cannot die.”

Well, technically he can die, sort of? Okay so he dies kind-of-a-little-bit, sometimes. Dude’s a ghost, an apparition, a…PHAAAANTOMMM. Billy Zane stars as the titular character in THE PHANTOM; the 1996 comic book inspired-film that is widely remembered as a flop. Maybe 1996 wasn’t ready for zany Zane and his phantom antics, because this bomb is worth the Bills for a re-watch. Or first-watch. Or Heckle-watch. Or watch-watch. In fact, Roger Ebert gave it three-and-a-half out of four stars! Roger motherf****ing Ebert! 3.5 stars! That’s a lot of stars!

The Phantom, a.k.a. Kit Walker, is the 21st descendant of a long line of African crime-fighting heroes. He dons a skin-tight purple onesie, a ton of muscles, a ring that shoots lasers and he has both a horse and a wolf to help fight his battles. The Phantom is seeking to stop the efforts of the evil industrialist Xander Drax (Treat Williams). Drax is in the midst of collecting three ancient skulls. These skulls, once combined, will give him the power to rule mankind. But watch out Drax, your partner-in-crime, Sala (Catherine Zeta-Jones), is becoming rather fond of the handsome Phantom.

The film has comically cheesy dialogue, improbable fight scenes, and plenty of one-dimensional characters, and is still somehow undeniably charming. So, it’s basically every comic book movie coming out these days but from the 90s and awkward voice over and Indiana Jones vibes. For those who came in late, THE PHANTOM is an ideal movie to be presented in Hecklevision.

What is Hecklevision? Hecklevision screens beloved B-rate films using MuVChat technology. Simply text your heckles, jokes, commentary and questions from your seat and BOOM! They magically appear on screen beside the film. Hecklevision comes around each month with a variety of special comedic guests, thus guaranteeing the optimal hilarious Hecklevision experience.

Get your Zane-zingers ready because The Phantom is going to SLAM EVIL!

This month’s special guests:

Jon Washington
Trevor Thorpe
Nariko Ott
Craig May
Nic Goans
Dan Weber
Alex Falcone

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By: The Hollywood Theatre