Puro 4050

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Puro 4050
Puro 4050
Puro 4050 - Esplanada
Há uma esplanada interior
Puro 4050
É o primeiro mozzarella bar do Porto
Puro 4050 - Mozzarela em creme frio de Tomate
Mozzarela em creme frio de tomate do Puro 4050

The first Mozzarella Bar in Portugal opened in Porto's city centre under the guidance of chef Luís Américo. The chef, who also owns nearby Cantina 32, went on a trip to Itally and brought with him what he liked best. When you come into the restaurant, you will find jars with several varieties of mozzarella: fresh (the better known), bocconcini (ball-shaped, with a little more texture) and affumicata (smoked). These are only a few of the possibilities. Patrons are supposed to mix and match mozzarella varieties with vegetables such as purple leaf lettuce, Italian chicory, green lollo lettuce, or Italian delicatessen, such as Parma DOP prosciutto. If you don't want to bother with choice, several preset dishes are available: for instance, the tomato cold cream with burrata, olive oil and basil, or the laminated courgette with affumicata mozzarella, pepper jam and boiled pear.


Venue name: Puro 4050
Address: Largo de São Domingos, 84
Opening hours: Mon 7.30pm-11pm; Tue-Sat 12.30pm-3pm & 7.30pm-11pm
Price: Up to €30
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