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Photograph / Courtesy Airbnb

The 7 best Airbnbs in Rio de Janeiro from forest villas to beachfront apartments

Our pick of the coolest cabins, apartments, and chalets that make up the very best Airbnbs in Rio de Janeiro.

Written by
Katherine Lovage
Alex Floyd-Douglass
Alys Lloyd

Brimming with vibrant energy, breathtaking landscapes, and a rich cultural tapestry, Rio de Janeiro is a magnetic destination that steals traveler’s hearts. From the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue overlooking the city to the rhythmic beats of samba echoing through the streets, Rio offers an experience like no other. 

For those looking to visit the city and get a taste of local Rio life, booking an Airbnb is a surefire way to unlock the real spirit of the city. Not only are Airbnbs unique, but they won't break the bank either (for the most part). And, let's be honest, hiring out a whole place means no awkward tiptoeing past other hotel rooms after a wild night out. Sounds good, right?

To help you plan your perfect stay, we've rounded up the best spots to crash in southeast Brazil. Whether you're unwinding or diving into the Carnival vibes, these spots are guaranteed to make your trip comfier and way more stylish.

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Who makes the cut? While we might not stay in every Airbnb featured, we've based our list on top reviews, hosts, and amenities to find you the best stays. This article includes affiliate links. These links have no influence on our editorial content. For more information, see our affiliate guidelines.

The best Airbnbs in Rio de Janeiro

A villa hidden in a forest
Courtesy: Airbnb

1. A villa hidden in a forest

Any globetrotter will tell you that the beauty of Airbnb is discovering one-of-a-kind venues just like this one. Disguised amongst a leafy backdrop, this stunning, slightly off-grid villa is not only magnificently grand but it’s located amongst Santa Teresa where you can enjoy a bucket-load of art and culture. The 150-year-old restored building has space for 15 guests, comes with a housekeeper to ferry you around and even has an overwhelmingly ornate interior for indulging all of your gold-gilt fantasies. Ok ok, we know that budget chain hotels have their place, but it’s definitely not here.

Rooms? Seven. Sleeps 16+ guests.
Mood? Palatial paradise.
Location perks? In the heart of the forest – literally. 
Budget range? Spenny.

A family flat near Ipanema beach
Courtesy: Airbnb

2. A family flat near Ipanema beach

Surrounded by charming greenery, this flat is both cosy and light, with soothing blue accents and must-have amenities. A gentle stroll away from one of Rio’s loveliest beaches, the space is perfect for those who want a wallet-friendly stay near the sea. Plus, if you fancy an afternoon snooze beneath the sunshine, you can always sway your way towards sweet dreams in the window-side hammock. (Just remember to load up on the sunscreen first).

Rooms? One. Sleeps three guests.
Mood? Boho beach chic. 
Location perks? Steps away from the beach, what more could you want?
Budget range? Super cheap, but a 10-night minimum. 

A nano apartment in Ipanema
Courtesy: Airbnb

3. A nano apartment in Ipanema

Nestled within the fashionable neighbourhood of Ipanema, this adorably named ‘nano-apartment’ is made to measure, which means that the layout makes the very best of a small space. Each corner is utilised brilliantly, giving you access to all the utilities you could possibly need (TV, Wifi, bed, storage space and heating are all included). While this apartment may not have the grandiosity of some of the other B&Bs on this list, it certainly shouldn’t be overlooked - especially since the price is low, leaving you with more pennies to spend on mouthwatering feijoada.

Rooms? One. Sleeps two guests.
Mood? Nano space with mega vibes.
Location perks? Nestled in the centre of Ipanema, great for your big city life moment. 
Budget range? So affordable. 

A beachfront home in Casablanca
Courtesy: Airbnb

4. A beachfront home in Casablanca

Beach lovers rejoice. This Airbnb is situated in the heart of sunny Casablanca, where you can enjoy some spectacular sea views. A tranquil space that's only a few minutes walk from Leblon, it couldn't be easier to explore the city - whether you fancy sunbathing or just picking up groceries. Day out complete? Head back to the hot tub and slip into some steamy water.

Rooms? One. Sleeps two guests.
Mood? Waterfront haven.
Location perks? Steps away from the water – ideal for getting back in touch with nature. 
Budget range? Cheap and cheerful.

A bright palace penthouse in Copacabana
Courtesy: Airbnb

5. A bright palace penthouse in Copacabana

There’s a reason that this 2-bed penthouse is called a palace. With spa-esque, marble decor, this Airbnb is a soft and calming space where you can totally chill out. For the ultimate morning rejuvenation, slink out of the bedroom and head straight into the pool, where you can start your day beneath the flowing water fountain.

Rooms? Two. Sleeps four guests.
Mood? Poolside bliss.
Location perks? Did we mention the pool?
Budget range? Pricey but worth it. 

A trendy loft in Niterói
Courtesy: Airbnb

6. A trendy loft in Niterói

If you’ve got four guests and a limited budget, this loft is an absolute steal. For a fraction of the cost of a hotel, this contemporary crashpad includes free valet parking, a pool and some quirky yellow features reminiscent of Scandi decor. Plus, Icaraí Beach is only a two-minute trek away, so make sure you pack your speedos.

Rooms? One. Sleeps four guests.
Mood? Simplistic Scandi style.
Location perks? Steps away from Niterói's supermarkets, restaurants, bakeries and Icaraí Beach.
Budget range? Sooooo cheap.

A hilltop home in Vidigal
Courtesy: Airbnb

7. A hilltop home in Vidigal

If you’re looking for a sanctuary of peace and quiet, or simply somewhere to retreat to after the colourful extravagance of Rio Carnival, this hilltop home is perfect. Based in the heart of Vidigal, you’ll be treated to stunning views of Ipanema and Copacabana whilst being able to head to the party faster than you can shake a maraca. And although Rio’s weather is known to be hot hot hot, there’s an indoor fireplace to account for the days when the temperature drops. But the best bit? The whole thing's surprisingly affordable. Kerching!

Rooms? Four. Sleeps nine guests.
Mood? Slice of heaven. 
Location perks? Beachfront bliss – with a side of spectacular views. 
Budget range? Affordable for a larger group. 


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