War Hydra Tournament

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War Hydra Tournament
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War Hydra Tournament says
2v2 tournament Warhammer 40k

You and a friend team up together and build an army to 1750pts

Every army must follow the force organization from the Warhammer 40,000 rule book.

Each army must be from a different codex

each player must bring a minimum of 500pts

No unbound Armies

You and your team mate are battle brothers, regardless of what army you are playing. Tyranids and Space Marines can be a thing. You get all the bonuses that come with that. Genestealers in a Landraider...yeah...scary.

No Forge World

No Formations

Purchases made in the store give you bonus points

No Lords of War

No Fortifications over 300pts

No HQs over 300pts

12 teams can sign up. First come first serve
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By: Games Workshop: Lake Crest Village