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Overlooking Seattle’s Lake Union, Westward shows off all the goodies that the Pacific Northwest has to offer in every single dish. The venue also happens to be a fantastic destination for a romantic evening, during which lovers can gaze at the sunset from one of the adirondack chairs overlooking the lake.

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Westward says
<p><b>MV <i>Westward</b></i> is an 86-foot motor <a href="/pages/w/109384142421622">yacht</a>, "arguably Seattle’s most famous motor yacht," originally constructed in 1924 by <a href="/pages/w/142955522388627">Ted Geary</a> for inventor <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Campbell_Church%2C_Sr." class="wikipedia">Campbell Church, Sr.</a>, and currently owned by Hugh Reilly. Its home port is <a href="/pages/w/110843418940484">Seattle, Washington</a> and it is listed on the U.S. <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Register_of_Historic_Places" class="wikipedia">National Register of Historic Places</a>.</p><p>The <i>Westward</i> was modeled after a salmon cannery <a href="/pages/w/143137295697765">tender</a> and constructed—around a 1923 <a href="/pages/w/113139095362863">Atlas-Imperial</a> <a href="/pages/w/113912538619139">diesel engine</a>—at the Martinolich Shipyard on <a href="/pages/w/143569655659154">Maury Island</a> near Seattle. It was designed to travel the <a href="/pages/w/107629152593754">Inside Passage</a> along the <a href="/pages/w/109458749072019">British Columbia</a> coast to <a href="/pages/w/108083605879747">Alaska</a>. Its construction marked a turning point in Geary's career: previously he had built workboats; from this time he built yachts.</p><p>In its early years, expeditions on the <i>Westward</i> were hunting expeditions, with "a Norwegian whale gun shooting <a href="/pages/w/109288105757117">harpoon</a>s fitted with time fuse bombs, a <a href="/pages/w/108298065857086">10-horse</a> gasoline <a href="/pages/w/109401642411542">winch</a> with thirty-six hundred feet of quarter-inch plow steel cable as a fishing line, and all of the accessories for 'scrapping it out' with fifty-ton whales". These expeditions were led by Church's son Campbell Church, Jr., who founded The Alaska Coast Hunting and Cruising Company. The Churches ended up owning numerous notable motor yachts. Besides the <i>Westward</i> were the <i>Nooya</i>, <i>Deerleap</i>, <i>Caroline</i>, <i>Alarwee</i>, <i>Acania</i>, <i>Onawa</i>, <i>Malibu</i>, <i>Cadrew</i>, <i>Electra</i>, <i>Olympus</i>, and <i>Taconite</i>. Campbell Jr. made extensive films of his journeys.</p>
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Venue name: Westward
Address: 2501 North Northlake Way
Opening hours: Mon–Fri 4–10pm, Sat–Sun 10am–10pm

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