[05/12] Dn B Tuesdays: Needle Damage | Plague | Thalo

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[05/12] Dn B Tuesdays: Needle Damage | Plague | Thalo
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[05/12] Dn B Tuesdays: Needle Damage | Plague | Thalo says
DnB Tuesdays Presents:

|| NEEDLE DAMAGE || San Diego, CA

Sammy Compilati, also known as Needle Damage, has been a staple in the San Diego drum ‘n’ bass scene for over a decade. In 1999, he began listening to his first mixes when that wasn't enough anymore he began to attend his first underground drum ‘n’ bass parties in Los Angeles and San Diego. Shortly after being introduced to the scene, Sammy began collecting a vast array of vinyl and acquired his first set of Technics 1200’s in 2002. In 2004, he began promoting for Drumz and was officially hooked on keeping drum n bass thriving in his local community. Sammy was heavily influenced by studying and observing fellow, local Southern California DJ’s, such as, Synik, Deacon, and Peacemaker. Needle Damage soon developed his signature sound of highly aggressive, technical mixing styles with hard-hitting tech-step and neurofunk tracks. He has played alongside some major talent, such as: Limewax, Evol Intent, Demo, Infiltrata, Maztek, Gein, and other international acts. Sammy’s commitment to drum n bass also extends to his assistance of the production of many memorable events in San Diego, like West Coast Mash-up Sessions and DNA - which focused mostly on the heavier sounds of drum ‘n’ bass. Sammy has been invited into multiple, well respected, drum ‘n’ bass crews over the years, including: Pinwheel Cartel, Organized Grime, and most recently, Wreck-Ignition. Needle Damage is currently working on releasing some new mixes and learning to produce his own tracks.



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|| PLAGUE ||

|| THALO || Spectrum Seattle / Tom Kha Productions

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