Activate The Arts Collaborative Photo Shoot.

Activate The Arts   Collaborative Photo Shoot.

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Welcoming all Fashion Artists, Musicians, Performing Artists and assorted Entertainers to come together and collaborate on an open photo shoot! This is a FREE opportunity for ANYBODY interested! No, we won't cancel because of the rain, bring firewood and shelters if you got em and come prepared. === | RULES | === - Any Participants who are not currently registered participants of Chance Fashion or Active Entertainment will need to register on site before shooting. - All photo’s taken during this shoot are to be used for Promotional and Portfolio use only, and ARE NOT to be sold without consent of all participating Artists. - When posting photo’s after the event, you are required to credit your fellow Artists, as well as Active Entertainment. ( - 20 Minute Limit per shoot. We’re working with a big space, please report back to the central area regularly to ensure that all talents are getting an equal opportunity to shoot, and don’t wander off for long periods of time. - EVERYBODY GETS AN OPPORTUNITY. Make sure to work with everybody, and do not turn anybody away if they’d like to work with you, no discrimination. - COMMUNICATE! If you’re setting up in a specific designated area, let a staff member know so we can help refer talent to you. === | WHAT TO BRING | === - Bonfire Wood. Extra Grills. Seating. Tables. Coolers. Radio. - Food. BBQ/Picnic Stuff. (Plates, napkins, silverware, charcoal, etc.) - If you want drinks, I'll be bringing some vodka, rum, whiskey, tequila, beer, basic mixers, and wine that was leftover from last nights party. Just bring some cash to chip in. - Positive Attitude, Creative Chemistry, and a mutual respect for your fellow Artists. - Costumes, Outfits, Accessories, Props, and any other creative tools that might help support your Photo Shoots. - Business Cards / Portfolios / Networking Tools. - Extra batteries for your camera. - Garment racks for your clothes. - Something easy to slip in and out of between shoots, etc. **We will also be bringing some Tequila, Vodka, Rum, Whiskey, Red Wine and Beer that was leftover from our 8 year anniversary party. If you'd like some drinks, just bring some cash to chip in. WHAT TO EXPECT: - This is a casual, open-format collaboration. There will very little micro-management or direction given, come to make the most of your experience, and be prepared to work together to make things happen. - Upon Arrival, please check in with an Active Entertainment Staff member. (Whoever has the laptop or notepad.) Upon departure, check out. We will keep an active list of who is shooting to help provide an organization point. - Shoot as much as you can! Bring costumes for yourself in the event that there aren’t enough outfits. There will also be a few Designers on site with garments to shoot in. - Don’t be shy! If you have an idea, speak up, and work with each other to help accomplish it. PHOTOGRAPHERS / PHOTO PROCESSING: - Photographers must upload their photo’s to this link within 14 days of the shoot -> - You will need to create a username and password using your email address to access the gallery. If you have any technical issues, please contact Christopher Chapman at or 206.280.0242 - Photographers must upload their photo’s to the Active Entertainment gallery before submitting them elsewhere online. - If this is your first time working with us, make sure you’ve filled out a Photography Release Form. You can communicate with Tony at to make sure you’re good to go. - Select Photo’s from this event will be posted to DESIGNERS - Keep track of your own garments. You will be fitting / dressing your own models as they come and go. - Bring your own garment rack if you need it. MODELS - Come Hair and Makeup Ready. - Bring a variety of accessories for a variety of clothing / shoot styles. - Bring costumes / outfits in case Designers don't have anything that works for you. === | CONFIRMED TALENT | === DESIGNERS: - Darling Nikki Designs. - DNAS. - Alien Earth Designs. - Pink Boutique - Find Your Inner Fashion - Citizeness Clothing. (Menswear) PHOTOGRAPHERS: - Bingme Photography - MK Studios - Dr Stephen Lachuta - Starlite Wonder Imaging / Diane Jacobson - Samuel Grahn - Jason Renek - Carl Herbert - Devilish Photography - Wadood Rahman - Stephanie Seek - Stephen Jensen - Peter Hunter - Brian Pham MODELS: - Lacey NicDoom - Lindsay McCoy - Katie May Rowland - Jamaica Zipfel - Teresa Collins - Nichole Vincent - Liz Talvi - Stephanie Barnett - Roxanne Wright - Julie Bourdeaux - Tiffany Thomas - Scarlet Lilly - Rachel King - Tina McDuffie - Martine Mondragon - Sabina Ciao - Greg Look - Stephanie Lee - David Labrecque - Fabio Lubin - Sarita Gupta - Channing Cason - Tami Johnson - Dimeatra Lovelle - Alyssa Mitchell - Jamie Hannam - Morgue Anne - Kimber Collins - Lily Ning - HAIR/MUAS: - Thaddeus Wilson MUSICIANS: PERFORMING ARTISTS: - Wreckless Freeks. - Robert Bon Schryvers MISC: - Priya Dandawate: Media / Blogger

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