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Ana Forrest At Shakti Vinyasa Yoga
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Ana Forrest At Shakti Vinyasa Yoga says
Ana Forrest has been changing people’s lives for nearly 40 years. An internationally recognized pioneer in yoga and emotional healing, Ana created Forrest Yoga while working through her own healing from her life’s trauma and experience. Join Ana this October for a challenging and inspiring weekend at our Seattle studio. Workshops can be purchased as individual sessions or attend all 4 sessions for $265.

Celebrate Your Practice
Friday October 14, 2016
6-8:30 pm | $70

With Forrest Yoga’s heart-opening asanas, you learn to breathe in a way that opens your core and gives the heart the support and counsel of the rest of the primary charkas. Learn to remove the emotional shielding from your heart so it can truly and honestly feel each new experience afresh. This helps your heart and Spirit be more resilient, flexible and adept at surfing emotional waves. Begin building skill in accessing, cleansing and resolving emotional issues and move them out of the cell tissue, thus freeing your heart. This makes room for seeing and absorbing the beauty and sweetness in our world, which nourishes the heart.

All Levels Welcome.

Building the Warrior Heart
Saturday October 15, 2016
10am-12:30pm | $70

Rekindle the fires of passion and pleasure with Forrest Yoga. Learn to reconnect to your energy, while you delight in your strength. Bring healing and inspiration into your personal practice. This Forrest Yoga workshop helps you cultivate and embrace a sense of compassion. You also learn to make your practice exhilarating and delicious.

All Levels Welcome.

Luminous Core
Saturday October 15, 2016
2:30-5pm | $70

Forrest Yoga takes you on a physical and mental journey deep into the core of your own being. You will create a heightened sense of awareness through breath and asanas, and open to the amazing quality of feeling that lives inside of you. Use Forrest Yoga to connect to your core, shed what is no longer useful, keep what is of value and ‘with a breath of kindness blow the rest away.” Challenge and move your core energy into those areas where it has yet to be. Come sweat, breathe deeply and enter the incredible mystery of your core. You will feel cleansed, refreshed and alive.

All Levels Welcome

Inversions and Arm Balancing
Sunday October 16, 2016
10am-1pm | $75

Inversions and arm balancing poses are challenging and exciting. They rejuvenate the mind and body.They increase circulation of blood, oxygen, and energy, stimulating the endocrine and immune systems. Both arm balancing poses and inversions develop mental and physical strength, balance and flexibility. In this session, learn the essential elements of these powerful poses. Learn the skills of balance and then have fun applying them to your life.

This workshop is intended for intermediate and advanced students. This session is not appropriate for pregnant woman or those with detached retinas, or wrist or arm injuries.
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