Book Launch For "To Love The Coming End"

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Book Launch For "To Love The Coming End"
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Book Launch For "To Love The Coming End" says
Join Chin Music Press and Elliott Bay Book Company to celebrate the U.S. launch of "To Love the Coming End," Leanne Dunic's stunning debut. A Q&A and book signing will follow the reading! After, join us at the Raygun Lounge for our To Love the Coming End Book Launch Afterparty!

About the book:

In this teeming lyrical novel, love is remembered as a jungle of flora and fauna cleaved by tectonic shock and human fault. Our restless narrator stirs between Singapore, Japan, and British Columbia with prose that engulfs like radioactive mist. Personal, geographic, political, and cultural environments take on one another’s qualities, culminating in the Tohoku earthquake that shatters Japan.

Advance praise:

“With the emotional precision and eye of a poet, Dunic traverses the vast expanse of Asia, examining how people—and nature—wound each other, but how love is the specific balm that heals. Her travels allow us to see details—scarlet, a mynah bird, a fissure—through her eyes. Her inward eye allows us to feel the pain and pleasure of a singular love. Dunic weaves a wondrous, mysterious and magical web with a deft touch that is as light as it is tight.” - Marie Mutsuki Mockett

“To Love the Coming End is a psychological story of a writer who wanders vivid Singapore, haunted by memories of Japan and British Columbia, longing for relief and an unlikely reunion. To Love the Coming End is an extended poem of sensation, exquisitely rendered; of aloneness; of quiet catastrophe and dread.” - Kathleen Flenniken

"Leanne Dunic ventures out across the Pacific, primarily Singapore and Japan, in this book of smartly written, telling prose fragments. The pieces muse on place, presence, distance, the senses, the number 11, longing, loss, love - doing so in a way that each has its own weight and body, yet becomes part of a larger, cumulative whole. In this it movingly resembles musical composition with its structure, pace, expressive notes. Beautifully done." - Rick Simonson, Elliott Bay Book Company
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By: Chin Music Press