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Breathwork Ceremony
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Breathwork Ceremony says
"As the gracious light of inner realization entered my heart, all knowledge acquired through learning was exposed as merely a creation of the mind and as it fell away, my consciousness - free of attributes, shining in its natural state of attachment to the Self, that shines without attachment to anything - gained its final victory as the consciousness that is absolute and all-embracing." -Sri Muruganar

Truly, the only true knowledge we can experience is that from direct experience - beyond words - beyond thought forms or ideas or beliefs or teachings from others. Breathwork offers a rare framework and invitation to that level of inquiry, experience, and awareness.

On the verbal level, everything is relative. As Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj imparted, "absolutes should be experienced, not discussed." This is your opportunity to do just that.

The process of regulating the breath has been described as a means to bridge the individual self and the universal soul, and to inspire literally means to breathe in Spirit. In this ceremony you will use a simple breathing technique to enter a state of heightened awareness and expanded consciousness - a place beyond the rational thinking mind in which profound insight, healing, and transformation can occur.

Through conscious breathwork, the body can release deep layers of physical & emotional tension that prohibit us from experiencing the fullness and radiance of our source consciousness. While life’s journey is a continual process of de-armoring, so to speak, I’ve found breathwork to be one of the most profound tools for supporting this process.

As the distortions are dissolved, we open to experience the bliss, ecstasy, peace, and Knowing of our true Divine nature. Breathwork enlivens this connection and welcomes us Home.

While each journey is unique, it is common to experience:

-Emotional release (sadness, grief, anger, etc. - expressed through tears, laughter, shaking, sounding, etc.)
-Deep relaxation and meditative states
-Ecstatic states and feelings of bliss
-Expanded awareness and "visions"
-Insights and understandings around your life and Universal consciousness
-Connections to other realms of existence
-Heightened sensitivity and awareness of the body's energetic system
-Clarity around life decisions, projects, and next steps

As a facilitator, Tai holds a safe and sacred space for participants to surrender fully to the experience for deep healing, self-discovery, and empowerment. The journey is supported by shamanic drumming/chanting, as well as recorded music.

No prior breathwork experience is required, and please don't hesitate to connect with any questions about the nature of this work/experience.

Pre-registration is required, and full refunds will be given with 24hrs notice of cancellation.

Cost: $40 -
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By: Sword & Lotus by Tai Hubbert

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