Circle Breath!

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Circle Breath!
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The event creator says
$10, $15, or $20+: Low, Medium, or High Income.

Chatara Hajje will co-facilitate. She's very good.

First we connect deeply with ourselves and others through simple, profound exercises.

Then we breathe very fully to great music for up to 90 minutes while eye gazing with everyone in the group.

Breath sets the depth and rhythm for all we are and do. What opens when we sync our rhythms?

You'll need to be transparent and trust. You'll experience emotional catharsis, non-ordinary states of consciousness, and an otherwise-impossible unity with others. We welcome everyone with a healthy respect for people and their boundaries.

Dress loose in layers.

Bring a snack to share for after if you'd like. You will be starving.

You need to be able to sit on the floor. Bring a pillow to sit on if you have one you like. There are some pillows and blankets in the studio.

~ Don't fall for the nonsense rumor that breathwork is some kinda sexual meetup! Breathwork is the most intense, powerful, fast and challenging personal work I've ever done, by far, and the boundaries we set and keep are effective.

~ Even though a big bunch of people are coming, we can handle a totally full room, and would like too! This amazing work opens up everyone for the better and should be shared with anyone and everyone you care about, and, hopefully, you care about everyone! So Bring friends, Invite them to this FB event, etc.

~ If this and the next session are popular we will probably be able to make this a regular monthly event!

~ Don't pig-out before the session. The stomach is neighbor to the lungs!

~ Come sober. Breathing gets you more than high enough!

~ I'm making a new play list! Be prepared to trip!

~ Don't be late if you haven't breathed with me in this style before! There's a download you must have and dealing with late arrivals is a hassle.

There's a lot more on the breath and me and my work on the website:

Life is way too short not to live this fully.
You hope you don't need it, but, yes, you do.
You fear you can't handle it, but, yes, you can!
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