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Dance Party!
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Dance Party! says
This is a truly unique experience! Experience the embodied union of Body, Heart and Spirit.

• Sit in circle, receive and share wisdom and be led through a Divinely guided meditation.

• Connect with your body in unprescribed, fun and playful ways. It certainly beats a boring workout. :)

• Break a sweat, laugh till you cry and leave recharged and ignited about your life.

• Receive your riches and be in stillness to hear the whispers of your soul.

All of you is welcome. High energy, low energy, happy, sad, mad, scared--it doesn't matter. Just show up.

We hold impeccable container of Love. Want some?

Join us. Have fun. Empty out. Fill up.

Here's to our big-ass-full-on-joyful-feather-flyin'-passionate-tears-down-our-faces-into-our-smiles-expression-of-LIFE!

~Jeannine & Aubrey

We hope to see you there. Bring your friends!

Fee: $20

What to wear? Whatever you desire....The norm is yoga attire but there are no rules here. SPARKLES are always welcome!

Sound great but you are low on funds? Come anyway. Donate what you can.

Comments from our previous Dance Parties:

"It was like going to a spiritual spa. I feel so nourished, relaxed and ready to take on anything!"

"I really needed this today. I needed to let loose!"

"It was so much fun to give myself permission to PLAY!"

"This is better than meditation. I didn't think of another thought from outside of here the entire time."

"Authentic Connection. You don't get this kind of authentic connection much in our lives. This is really deep."

"This experience reminded me what a good job I am doing in my life and I need to be good to myself."

"All the resistance that I've been feeling is gone! I'm feeling bold and ready to take on my life again!"

"Everything I have been doing in my head for so long for my spirituality, I've been able to have a physical connection here with it here. It feels awesome to get out of my head and into my body."

"I feel like I have emptied out and filled back up again."

"I definitely had a lot of stuff to release. I desperately needed the physical manifestation of getting it all out."

"Receiving is hard for me, so it was a really good reminder for me. It's nice to soak it all up."

"When I empty out all of the noise, then the Love is right there. Love comes in and the space feels so nurturing, loving and accepting. It's so juicy
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By: Recharge & Ignite Dance Party