Drew Barth Headlines Comedy Underground 6/10 6/12

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Drew Barth Headlines Comedy Underground 6/10 6/12
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Drew Barth Headlines Comedy Underground 6/10 6/12 says
Summertime has officially arrived in Seattle and one of your favorite local comedians is headlining the Comedy Underground this weekend!

I know a lot of you are thinking about the big ball of light that's been up in the sky this week and thinking “Drew, who in their right mind would go inside on a beautiful summer night to watch you tell jokes in a basement?”

Excellent point, though a mean one, fictional jackass friend of mine. To add some additional incentive, here is a list of reasons you should come to one of the shows this weekend:

-The forecast for the weekend is cloudy and in the 60s.
-Sun is overrated.
-You’re too white to be outside anyways. Unless you're not white, in which case, feel free to laugh at the pale.
-Avoid cancer, spend your night in a basement.
-You don’t have a boat.
-Your friends don’t have a boat.
-Your friends have a boat and they don’t like you.
-You do like me.
-You haven’t been to Pioneer Square in a while (it's getting differenter!)
-There’s nothing good on those nights and who cares, you’re going to watch it online anyways.
-The good movies haven’t come out in theaters yet.
-You’re not getting laid.
-You’re getting laid regardless.
-You’re all out of drugs.
-You’ve done too many and you have to take a break.

I could go on. The point is this: summer nights in Seattle can be magical, but these ones are going to be pretty 'meh'. Allow me to be your evening entertainment.
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By: Drew Barth