E Mail Chop Suey And Demand A Change To Their Name!

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E Mail Chop Suey And Demand A Change To Their Name!
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E Mail Chop Suey And Demand A Change To Their Name! says
In solidarity with other queer people of color, Queer Youth Space would like its supporters to demand Chop Suey change its decor and name from their current racist caricature.

We call on our establishments to reflect the diversity of Seattle, and fight for the abolition of racism.

Please e-mail Chop Suey at info@chopsuey.com, and ask the owners to change their name and decor!


The following letter was sent on behalf of some community members and is enclosed:

"Dear Brianna,

I was very excited to hear that you have become an owner of Chop Suey. First of all, as a fellow musician it is great to hear that another musician will keep the tradition of bringing great bands to Seattle. But, most importantly, I’m excited because you have the opportunity to enact some real change.

I and many other people I know love the acts that have come through Chop Suey over the years. However, many of us have avoided going to the venue because of the racial implications that the name and theme have. As a Chinese person, seeing fake Chinese decor in a club that is not owned by Chinese people makes my heart sink. No one should have to see their own race caricatured in a venue that hosts so many great touring bands.

The name itself, Chop Suey, comes from a time of real racism, hatred and violence towards Asian Americans. In the 1800’s, California had laws that made it illegal for Chinese people to testify in court. This was at a time when white Goldrush miners had particular hatred towards Chinese immigrants who they saw as a group moving in on their gold claims. White miners committed horrible atrocities on Chinese immigrants with no repercussions because no one could testify against them. The dish came about when a group of drunken miners stumbled into a Chinese restaurant. Though the restaurant was closing and out of food, the miners demanded service. Out of fear for their lives, the workers assembled all the table scraps, fried them up and served them to the miners. The miners loved the dish and asked what the name of it was. The workers made up the name Chop Suey.

With the new ownership and vision for this club, this would be a great opportunity for a fresh start. In a place like Seattle, making this change would be seen as a real positive and could garner you an even bigger fan base. I hope you consider this opportunity and if you want some support or ideas on this, please feel free to contact me.

Andy Panda"

Read more at : http://www.thestranger.com/blogs/slog/2015/02/17/21724983/new-chop-suey-owners-face-pressure-to-change-venue-name
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By: Queer Youth Space