East West Bookshop Seattle Presents Bruce Lipton

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East West Bookshop Seattle Presents Bruce Lipton
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East West Bookshop Seattle Presents Bruce Lipton says
Join scientist, Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. and alchemist, author and speaker, Nicki Scully for a lively conversation of the grand convergence. To register: http://www.eastwestbookshop.com/events/9456

Please join famed cell biologist and author of the Biology of Belief, Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. and Nicki in Seattle July 15 and 16 as they weave together two dynamic presentations that may transform your core beliefs about reality:

"Bruce brings his extensive background in cellular biology, quantum physics, and the leading edge of scientific views of consciousness. I will illustrate his new edge scientific concepts from a shamanistic perspective using shamanic journeys and initiations to give participants direct experience of the points he is making. I will also give demonstrations of Alchemical Healing both Friday evening and Saturday, using volunteers from the audience to work on and allowing audience members to help with the healing process (on Saturday, after they are initiated)."

One moment you will be drawn deeply into spiritual dimensions ofconsciousness—that trance-like arena where miracles can and do happen—and the next moment you will learn about proteins and mem-brains and how the shamanic journey and/or healing you are about to experience is real and explainable from a scientific perspective. There is a third partner in their presentation: The Field, otherwise known as Spirit. Bruce speaks of invisible forces as he describes the powers of energetic transmissions that ultimately lead to the recognition of one’s divinity, and even one’s immortality. I will introduce deities and archetypes, animal totems and plant spirit medicines, and the Universal Life Force, and provide direct experience of how these invisible forces inform our healing and our co-creative capacities.

From opposite ends of the spectrum of belief and experience Bruce and Nicki have arrived at the same conclusions about consciousness, self-empowerment, and the presence of an intelligent field. Yes, there is a place where matter ceases to exist, a place where all is energy. Yes, one’s point of view or belief can be changed and that change can affect the energy. Yes, a change in the invisible field of energy will translate into a change in our physical world. And yes, Miracles and the unexplainable do happen . . . Please come and see for yourself and bring your friends, or let those you know in Seattle know about our event.

For details, go to www.eastwestbookshop/events/9456 and
www.eastwestbookshop/events/9457. Hope to see you there . . .
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By: Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D

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