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Ecstatic Experiments In Sound
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Ecstatic Experiments In Sound says
Ambient Music.
Soothing sounds for your tired ears.
Sonic adventures for your minds eye.
Boundless potential for your Imagination.

Please come and join us at the Royal Room for a blissful two hours of Ecstatic Experiments in Sound brought to you by (in order of apperance)
~~ Sean Curley
~~ Freedlund/Fisher/Adour

WLISPS is the name for Malaki Stahl's solo noise/audio spelunking/deep drift unit. employing synthesis, conventional instruments, loops and sequencers, with the aim of programing an organism that self assembles in the heads of those listening.

Sean Curley’s new album further establishes him as one of the Northwest’s most interesting guitarists. Building on the foundation of his previous solo-guitar full-lengths—Sean Patrick Curley and Empire State Observatories—Curley parlays his fascination with looping, which he’s been doing for nearly 30 years, to explore the instrument’s textural parameters, hypnotic capabilities, and emotional range.

Whereas his work with Amber Rossino in the band the Midget focuses on conventional songcraft in a clever retro-futurist vein, Curley’s solo guitar excursions veer toward more extravagant experimentation with tone and form. Sean Curley’s 11 tracks reveal a dazzling technical mastery, combining the pointillist, ultra-bright crystalline arabesques of Sean Patrick Curley with the stark soundtracks for dystopian sci-fi flicks that compose Empire State Observatories.

On the new record, Curley’s style encompasses Robert Fripp’s precision and predilection for mantric repetition, Vini Reilly’s glassy melancholy, Slowdive’s serene beauty, and Snakefinger’s melodic eccentricity. With a keenly cinematic vision, Curley has crafted a record that takes you both inward with poignant meditativeness and outward to vividly alien realms. He keeps you guessing throughout, with the only constant being striking musical inventiveness.

Freedlund/Fisher/Adour is a new 'group in progress' who are all coming from vastly different disciplines in the music world. All playing in a variety of groups ranging from jazz to electronic to extreme noise and many things in between. For this evening they will join forces to perform wonderful and deeply meditative ambient music on Guitar/voice/Trombone/Synthesizer all running through various pedals.

(Pre-listening can be found here)
Sean Curley -
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