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Femme Salon
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Femme Salon says
Femme Salon is a chance for femmes to show off their varied and numerous skills on the stage!!! Burlesque!! Cat song mash-ups!!! Angsty teen poetry battles!! Musical numbers!!!

Open to all femme performers - please get in touch with Liz Cruz if you're interested in joining the lineup.

This event is open to allies, but performances are restricted to femmes. No cover, but donations gladly accepted.

7:30-8: Salon Reception - mingle and sip some delicious beverages

8-9:30: Femme Salon - femme performers welcome to the stage!

Later: group field trip to Night Crush!!

**Accessibility** Femme Salon will take place at the Gay City auditorium November 7th and 8th. Gay City is ADA accessible, has two single-stall all-gender restrooms, and is minimally scented. There will be scent free baby wipes and scent free soap provided in the venue throughout FemmeFest.

Fragrance free request: Please join us in ensuring accessibility for beloved community members with chemical sensitivity and chronic illness by not bringing fragrances or scents on your clothes, hair, or skin from colognes and perfumes, scented laundry detergent, hair and body products, natural products, and essential oils. You can prepare in advance by not using products with fragrance, or by using fragrance free, non-toxic products. For more information on why scent free space is so important and what you can do to arrive scent free, start with this article:

Information for scent sensitive people: Gay City is not a scent free space. Scented cleaning products are used in all areas, including hand soap in the bathroom. Additionally, cigarette smoke from the front entrance can drift into the space, there are often strong scents of coffee and baking from Kaladi Brothers Coffee, and many patrons are not scent free. Please protect yourself accordingly.
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