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I Can Do It!  Seattle
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I Can Do It! Seattle says
Join John at this unique conference dedicated to your mind, body and spirit wellness in Seattle, WA. Give yourself a gift and devote a weekend to self-discovery and personal growth to recharge and re-ignite your life.
Main Lecture | POWER OF THE SOUL
How To Use Your Inner-Wisdom In The Outside World

Did you know we all have the ability to tap into one of the most powerful forces in the Universe -YOUR SOUL!

Your soul is constantly trying to get your attention – but many of us don’t recognize the signs.

In this insightful and fascinating lecture, you will also learn that as a ‘soul’ you are and always will be connected to the souls of your loved ones that have passed on, and walk away with a newfound wisdom about life and the death of those we love, but also a deeper understanding of how the soul continues on its journey.

** BONUS ** John will end this lecture with plenty of time to demonstrate LIVE readings of mediumship for some of the audience members.

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Using his wealth of experience and over two decades of teaching, this lecture (pre-conference workshop) is for when you want to “wake up” your dormant psychic strengths, awaken your spirit and set down your intentions of the life YOU want to lead!

This fun one day interactive psychic development workshop provides an opportunity to extend your awareness beyond your physical senses.

I want YOU to walk away from my workshop feeling more aware, more conscious, more adept, more capable, more confident with your natural psychic abilities, and above all more intuitively aware … as you discover the true power of your soul to achieve greater success in all areas of your life.
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By: Psychic Medium John Holland