Jordyn Cooper/Montclaire/G.Liu Jr./Heather Edgley

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Jordyn Cooper/Montclaire/G.Liu Jr./Heather Edgley
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Jordyn Cooper/Montclaire/G.Liu Jr./Heather Edgley says
A night of intimate music by:

Jordyn Cooper

Jordyn Cooper's music is an eclectic blend of classic indie rock infused with good soulful vibes. It's an honest and true reflection of the artist himself. Cooper's music has unparalleled depth. It's a sound that gets into your veins and revives your soul.


Montclaire is the moniker of Portland-based singer/songwriter Sabrina Velazquez. Originally hailing from Honolulu, her unique style of indie pop has brought her to various audiences across the country, and festivals such as SXSW, while sharing the stage with the likes of Cat Power and Ramona Falls.

G. Liu Jr. (The Drowning Dreamers Band)

G. Liu Jr. is the principal songwriter in The Drowning Dreamers Band, an indie chamber folk ensemble from Honolulu, HI, with a slate gray streak of shoegaze postrock, running through its middle. He writes music for your next north Atlantic passage, Arctic expedition, Death Valley breakfast, Nebraskan power outage, or even just a momentary, extra bit of restlessness, in a dim or confined space you call home.

Heather Edgley

Heather Edgley Music is known for her Contemporary style and ethereal voice that captivates audiences with the vulnerability of her tone and lyrics. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Heather Edgley is a local Seattle Singer Songwriter and pianist whose uninhibited, raw expression connects with her listeners on the deepest level, reminding us, even just for a moment, that we are not alone in our struggle, fight, or feelings.
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By: Montclaire