Loud Mouth Lit: January 2017 Episode "Exit Interview"

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Loud Mouth Lit: January 2017   Episode "Exit Interview"
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Loud Mouth Lit: January 2017 Episode "Exit Interview" says
The first episode EVER of LOUD MOUTH LIT! Paul Mullin's monthly literary reading series, featuring the inestimable Scot Augustson as the guest Author.

"Exit Interview"
by Paul Mullin

In which the narrator learns that getting laid off is a deeper process than he expected.

"Clams Casino"
by Scot Augustson

In which the narrator employs time travel to do what time travel does best: hide a body.

As a playwright, I advocated for fresh, organic, local grown theatre, with an accelerated turn-around time (think “farm-to-table”). Now that I’m writing more prose, poetry and short stories, I’m realize that the same philosophy applies, that’s why Loud Mouth Lit will be:
• Fresh, local, organic. If it’s good for produce, it’s good for art too.
• Focused on the range of amazing writers in Seattle and the surrounding area. I want to know what they’re working on right now. Loud Mouth Lit will be my way of finding out, and ideally, yours, too.
• Face to face, live, and intimately irreproducible. These readings will not be recorded, film or podcasted, because:
o The less art done squirming under the sticky strands of the world wide web the better.
o In person is always better. We can argue, we can heatedly agree. In person, even trolling becomes something entirely different, entirely more open-hearted and courageous.
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