Mash Up David Keogh Live!

Mash Up   David Keogh Live!

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Hey Mashers, Plot Twist! This month MashUp is proud to bring you its first live music night, debuting David Keogh - live! David performs and DJ’s at social dance festivals and exchanges around the country. His music features downtempo beats layered over lush piano, violin, and electronics with an emphasis on rhythm, tempo and musicality for that magical blend of dance-forms we call fusion. Listen to David Keogh here: 800 - Instruction this month features Hareesh Kapoor! Come learn how to fuse elements of West Coast Swing into your dance. 900 - Olympian organizer and DJ Remy Baheux opens up our night as the lights dim. 1000 - David Keogh takes a seat at the baby grand, guiding us on a musical journey till Midnight. Live Music Door Price: $13-20 sliding scale (and includes lesson!) Please remember to take off any marking or street shoes while inside. We must take care of this amazing floor we are blessed with using. Come join us for what is clearly going to be yet another amazing night of dance downtown! Let's celebrate winter finally leaving us :) I'll see you on the floor, Justin Donais