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STG Presents Mike Rowe at The Paramount on Saturday, February 20, 2016.

Tickets are $35.75 - $55.75 (not including fees): http://bit.ly/1K7p0c0

After 300 dirty jobs and 10 years of grime, slime, and overtime, Mike Rowe is finally coming clean. From a freelance career that took him from the Grand Opera to the home shopping industry, to the unlikely events that led him to the filthiest nooks and crannies of our great nation, Mike finally reveals the dirty truth behind the dirtiest show on TV. Join America's apprentice for a light-hearted evening of unforgettable escapades and filthy adventures so bizarre they have to be true. A post-show Q&A will follow.

Warning: Content may cause queasiness, mild nausea, and sudden laughter. Not recommended for small children or anyone with an aversion to artificial insemination, barnyard humor, mild profanity, and feces from every species.

About Mike Rowe

In his previous life, Mike sang with the Baltimore Opera, sold chachkis in the middle of the night on QVC, and hosted game shows before his freelance career led him to securing the show "Dirty Jobs" with Discovery Channel. Over the next decade, Mike would become known as "the dirtiest man on TV." He traveled to all 50 states and completed 300 different jobs, transforming cable television into a landscape of swamps, sewers, ice roads, coal mines, oil derricks, crab boats, hillbillies, and lumberjack camps. In addition, Mike has narrated hundreds of documentaries and has written extensively about the country's relationship with work, the widening skills gap, offshore manufacturing, infrastructure decline, and currency devaluation.

Currently, Mike is in production for his show, "Somebody's Gotta Do It" which debuted last year on CNN. From CNN's press room blog: "Rowe's new series "Somebody's Gotta Do It," brings viewers face-to-face with men and women who march to the beat of a different drum. In each episode, Rowe visits unique individuals and joins them in their respective undertakings, paying tribute to innovators, do-gooders, entrepreneurs, collectors, fanatics-people who simply have to do it. This show is about passion, purpose, and occasionally, hobbies that get a little out of hand."

Read more: http://www.stgpresents.org/tickets/alphabetical/eventdetail/2312/-/mike-rowe
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By: Seattle Theatre Group