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Natural Drawing
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Natural Drawing says
“The line has in itself neither matter nor substance and may rather be called an imaginary idea than a real object; and this being its nature it occupies no space.”

- Leonardo da Vinci

In this class we will explore basic drawing techniques from light and shadow, reflections, the nature of form and weight. We will cover techniques for drawing from life and photos, traditional and contemporary. Drawing with graphite pencils and charcoal, we will explore blending, crosshatching, and how lines can capture light, dark, and shape and weight!

Anyone who takes this class will learn the skills necessary for drawing not only realism based imagery, but also drawing the sense of life and movement in the natural world.

Class Time: 1pm till 4pm on Sundays, starting September 11th.

Cost: 180 per person for the entire 6 classes.

Supplies: Bring your own, contact Seb for supply list. A few specialty supplies will be acquired by Seb.

Week One
Gaining familiarity with charcoal tools, simple shadows, form, and shading basics.

Week Two
Toned paper, additive and subtractive drawing, the line as an abstract concept used to convey shape and form. Types of line work.

Week Three
Loosen up! Negative space and the expressive line. Drawing to convey emotion, weight, and life. The line as the emotion.

Week Four
Tighten up! The small as large, reflections, the true nature of reality and actually seeing forms. Training the mind to catch details and recall forms in space.

Week Five
Tight and loose combined to create perspective and focal points. Contrast as a mental tool. The orb as all natural forms and all natural forms as orbs.

Week Six
Personal project! You define what you are working on and I will assist you.
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