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Om Fusion 8/30
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Om Fusion 8/30 says
5 Sundays in August! Bonus round.

Joining us for the first time ever as a teacher and DJ, Om Fusion is excited to have Catherine Liggett joining us!

Catherine has been a Lindy Hopper, Blues and Tango dancer for a decade and is bringing her rhythmic sensibility from her West African Dance and Hip Hop onto the Fusion floor.

7pm - 8pm Experienced Lesson- Embody the Beat:

This class will enrich our movement with basic West African techniques to express the pulse of the music in the core of our bodies, especially through the spine. We will practice both solo and in lead/follow partnerships. Be prepared to get low, do fun and challenging isolations, and expand what you thought your body was capable of!

8pm - 8:30pm All Levels Lesson- Next Level Connection:

How do you truly connect with another person on the dance floor, especially when you may have different dance backgrounds? This class will suggest tools for attaining this quality of connection, for beginners and more experienced dancers alike. We will use the framework of open and closed embrace to explore subtlety and creativity in how we connect with all of our partners in a deeper, more simplified way.

Experienced Lesson $5 which goes directly to Catherine

All Levels Free with Admission

Social Dance 8:30- Midnight is only $5

Our DJ's for the evening

Kai Hayashi
Catherine Liggett
Koe Creation
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