"Queen Bitch" Dolls,Sculptures And Puppets

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"Queen Bitch" Dolls,Sculptures And Puppets
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"Queen Bitch" Dolls,Sculptures And Puppets says
What is a "Queen Bitch" to you?

David Bowie? Bette Midler? RuPaul? your Granny?

Curated by Kook Teflon and True Love art gallery:

Come see how these local doll artists,sculpters,puppeteers interperit their visions into fine art pieces........
Ida Harris

Flynn Bickley
Sheri DeBow
Laura Castellanos
Gwen Delmore
Jordan Christianson
Kook Teflon
Tara Thomas
Dustin Curtis
Yvette Endrijautzki
Kitty Johnson
Ben Hernandez
Austin Edwards
SailorHank Payne
Alexis O
Lauren Foultz
Emmett Montgomery
Lauren Foultz
Laurel R. Dodge


*Oh, my heart's in the basementMy weekend's at an all time low'Cause she's

hoping to scoreSo I can't see her letting him go*

*Walk out of her heart Walk out of her mind Oh, not her*

*She's so swishy in her satin and tatIn her frock coat and

bipperty-bopperty hath God, I could do better than that Oh, yeah*

*She's an old-time ambassador Of sweet talking, night walking games And she's

known in the darkest clubsFor pushing ahead of the dames*

*If she says she can do it Then she can do it, she don't make false

claims But she's a queen and such a queen, Such a laughter is sucked in their brains*
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