Radar Feat. Slumber (Berlin, Sf), Eugene Fauntleroy, Justin Collins

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Radar Feat. Slumber (Berlin, Sf), Eugene Fauntleroy, Justin Collins
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Radar Feat. Slumber (Berlin, Sf), Eugene Fauntleroy, Justin Collins says
We're starting a new night focused on the deeper, darker and techier side of the music we love. To kick things off we are bringing our good friends Slumber to join us in this venture. Hope you can join us and follow us on our Viva Recordings page.

:: DJS & INFO ::

SLUMBER (Berlin, SF)


JUSTIN COLLINS (Viva Recordings)

$10 before 12 AM
$15 after


The beginnings of Slumber are comparable to the onset of unconsciousness as one slips into the dream-space. As the first rhythmic overtures wash over, we drift warm and afloat upon a sensorial swirl of cascading imagery, emitted by the nether regions of our own awareness. Abstract visions softly coalesce in sonic texture and channel via the melodic intermingling of Slumber and the chaotic union they mutually manifest. The pulsing aural incantations harmoniously intertwine and invoke a quieter mind. The embers they fan to flame are experiments in cosmic interplay, fluid consciousness overlapping in tapestries of auditory ritual made absolute. Slumber gives us glimmers from the edge of the abyss, blinding, from which we grace every moment. To dance with Slumber is to perceive the infinite archetypal projections precociously at play…. to imbibe the ritual rebirth in ecstatic dance and to remember that which you never knew was lost.
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By: Viva Recordings