Rally Against Plutocracy

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Rally Against Plutocracy
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Rally Against Plutocracy says
It is time our public SERVANTS understand where the power belongs. In the hands of the people. Not special interests! Not the billionaire class! Not the corporate establishment or the big banks!

We the people must rise up create a system that benefits all of the people. For our happiness and safety.

No person should be living on the street and how about the need for some rent control. No child should go without food or access to a good education. Veterans should be treated like patients and not customers. The mentally ill should be treated like patients and not criminals. Justice system needs revolutionary changes so that Melenated people are no longer discrimated against and killed in our streets. Respect and give back the lands to the indigenous peoples. Environmental Protection..

Whatever your issue is...Rise up! Raise your voice! Fight back!

Send an email to Comraderibaudo@gmail.com if you want to be an organizer/sponsor for this.

Enough is enough!

#BlackLivesMatter #StateOfEmergency #PowerToTheStudents #15andfreecollege #bernthedebt #WeNeedRentControl #defendseattle #EducationIsARight #BernOrBust #BernTheDNC #BernTheRNC #PoliticalRevolution #RevoltAgainstPlutocracy #FightForSocialism #RiseUp #RaiseYourVoice #FightHateWithLove #SEAHOMELESSSWEEP
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By: Seattle College Students for Bernie Sanders