Rock/Pop: K's Choice W/ A Fragile Tomorrow

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Rock/Pop: K's Choice W/ A Fragile Tomorrow
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Rock/Pop: K's Choice W/ A Fragile Tomorrow says
$ 15.00 - $ 17.00

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Additional Info:
K's Choice, founded by brother/sister duo Sarah and Gert Bettens, have fulfilled their musical destiny by crafting a completely in your face, from start to finish, draw a line in the sand, don't hold back, get up on your feet and get ready to party, you must hear it to believe it, rock record! The fans asked for it, people who don't even know they're fans yet will want it, while the airwaves will be filled with this riff ready, smoky voiced musical adventure called 'The Phantom Cowboy.'

The live show:
Because K's Choice are revered for their stunning live performances, playing the new songs live is always a primary consideration when writing for themselves and their fans. As Sarah reflects, "This is the heaviest record K's Choice has ever made. After the Antarctic soundtrack record [Waving at the Sun] and all the acoustic theater shows, we were ready to stand upright and give it our all on stage. One of the criteria for the songs on this record was that it HAD to be exciting to play live, and all the songs had to rock!"

The music:
From Sarah's perspective, "I actually thought there was no theme to this record lyrically and then I looked at the list and started thinking about the subject matter of all these songs and there's such a longing for 'realness' both in my brother's lyrics and mine. There's a lot in there about being true to yourself and daring to push forward when you feel like everything around you is trying to hold you back. I find myself caring less and less what people think of me, especially strangers, and that reflects in almost every song I've written. 'Private Revolution' talks about being hit by certain realizations in the course of your life. Things can hit you hard and they can come out of nowhere and I think a lot of happiness lies in learning to navigate the inevitable and long list of changes and adjustments." Gert adds, "When writing this record, the music was created first -- but I knew we had to write a song with the title 'Perfect Scar.' To me, 'Perfect Scar' is symbolic of how it's often popular to avoid the truth by glossing over the sadness and darkness of the world we live in today while posting superficially on social media. I call it pimping reality, an innocent antidote perhaps, but we want to know about real people, and their honest feelings!"

Those K's Choice fans from around the globe who have been clamoring for a pure rock record from Sarah and Gert will certainly not be disappointed once they dive into this amazing latest musical creation, 'The Phantom Cowboy.'

'The Phantom Cowboy' is available in the U.S. September 18, 2015 on MPress Records, with digital and physical distribution via Independent Label Services, which is partnered with Caroline Distribution and Universal Music Group.
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By: Tractor Tavern