Sbw: Trve Bottle Pour Night

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Sbw: Trve Bottle Pour Night
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Sbw: Trve Bottle Pour Night says
The ancient rites have begun. Magick spells are invoked, sacrifices made upon the altar, and from the icy mountains of Colorado rises an eldritch power. Cloaked in smoke and fire, hooded messengers ride forth from TRVE Brewing bearing bottles of the finest libations. The ritual commences on the 21st of May. Only the Trve shall survive.

The beers to be featured:
(Bottles for on-site consumption only!)

1. MELISSA - Our oak-aged sour petite saison. Punchy acidity and tons of bright citrus character.

2. BURIED SUN - An amber hued, malt-forward, french-style farmhouse with a moderate acidity and lively carbonation. Fermented with our mixed culture in stainless tanks.

3. CURSED - Our first experiment in fermentation with our new house culture — a blend of saccharomyces, brettanomyces, lactobacillus, and wild yeasts. This provides a great balanced acidity and a medium level of funk while still being what we consider to be a fairly clean sour. We then dry hopped this beer judiciously to complement and not overpower the character provided by this house culture.

4. LIFE'S TRADE - With this beer we are paying homage to tradition with our grain bill and by fermenting in puncheons. We used multiple yeast strains and then blended from the puncheons to produce the final beer. The respect for tradition comes through in the aroma and flavors presented in this beer – we consider this to be one of the most classic beers we’ve produced to date.
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By: Chuck's Hop Shop Central District