Soulful Circle: An Intentional Gathering To Build Community

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Soulful Circle: An Intentional Gathering To Build Community
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Soulful Circle: An Intentional Gathering To Build Community says
Every Other Wednesday from 7pm to 9pm...
(Beginning November 9th, 2016)
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Join Stef Frenzl at The Cunning Crow Apothecary and gather in community to deepen your cunning craft and awaken to the calling of soul in community. In this circle, we will explore our connection with Soul, the unique qualities and attributes that align us with our inner calling. With each evening circle, we will learn and engage in one or more of a variety of soulful practices to help us flow into the “betwixt-and-between” and open to our own healing and inner guidance.

• soulcentric dreamwork
• trance drumming & ecstatic trance dancing
• mythic storytelling
• conversations with the Sacred Others in nature
• journey work
• soulful singing and chanting
• poetry
• sound healing
• personal transformative ritual

We will also connect with each other through a variety of community-deepening practices:

• the way of council (also known as “talking stick”)
• sacred speaking & listening
• community ritual to honor our joys and griefs
• creating a sacred and safe space for others to practice offering their unique gifts and talents
• herbal medicine making parties

We will also create space and time to simply learn more about each other and build soulful friendships.

Each of us are unique and sacred. We each have an inner calling, a voice deep inside that pulls us to become our full Selves, a voice that draws us toward wholeness. And we are also tribal. We often need connection with each other, to meaningfully share our joys, laughter, sorrows and confusions with community in order to find wholeness. The more we link arms and support each other, whether through celebrating our triumphs or navigating turbulent waters, the stronger we all become.

Come join us! Drop-in’s welcome! This circle meets every other week.

Contact Stef if you have a particular need for healing in community,

Stef Frenzl is offering to hold this circle because he believes that we each can offer our unique genius to the world and help manifest the Great Turning toward a life-sustaining and soulful way of life. Stef’s life dream is to support people in their soulful journey toward wholeness, and to help them offer their Sacred Giveaway to the world. He loves playing music, conversing with the wilds of nature and seeking new ways to connect soulfully with others. Stef has learned from a variety of spirit and soul-oriented teachers and mentors over the past 20 years. He has also worked as a biologist, restoration ecologist, educator and behavior change specialist to support the healing and wholing of our sacred Earth and our greater community.

Community contribution: $10 - $20 (no one will be turned away due to lack of funds)
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By: The Cunning Crow Apothecary