Story: Shore In Dᶻidᶻelaľic̆/Dkhw'duw'absh (Seattle)

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Story: Shore In Dᶻidᶻelaľic̆/Dkhw'duw'absh (Seattle)
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Story: Shore In Dᶻidᶻelaľic̆/Dkhw'duw'absh (Seattle) says

Presented in partnership with Emily Johnson/Catalyst, On the Boards and Hugo House

Local writers, their perspectives, stories, and poems have a prominent place within SHORE in Dᶻidᶻelaľic̆/Dkhw'Duw'Absh (Seattle) in this curated reading featuring original work relating to home, place, and land.

Infinite associations, connections, and disconnections people have with, to, and from these sites are conjured in the moment of the reading and create a shifting, localized context for our stories, memories, and own definitions of home.

Curated by Emily Johnson.

Quenton Baker
Margot Kahn Case
Roger Fernandez
Shin Yu Pai
Juliet Waller Pruzan
Hugo House Summer Scribes
Red Eagle Soaring

SHORE is Emily Johnson/Catalyst’s new dance work. SHORE is the third in a trilogy of works that began with The Thank-you Bar and continued with Niicugni. SHOREis a multi-day performance installation of dance, story, volunteerism, and feasting. It is a celebration of the places where we meet and merge - land and water, performer and audience, art and community, past, present, and future.

Over the course of a week, SHORE in Dᶻidᶻelaľic̆/Dkhw'Duw'Absh (Seattle) includes Community Action (in service of Indigenous People's Day at Daybreak Star), STORY (a curated reading) at Hugo House; Performances (outdoor / indoor installation) at On the Boards; and a Feast (potluck celebration) at Daybreak Star.
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By: On the Boards