Super Freak W/ Dj Mikëy Hefez (Nyc)

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Super Freak W/ Dj Mikëy Hefez (Nyc)
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Super Freak W/ Dj Mikëy Hefez (Nyc) says

Kick off your Pride month with a frisky disco party featuring music by international guest DJ Mikëy Hefez and resident DJ Pavone

** Guest DJ Mikëy Hefez **
"Mikëy Hefez is a New York-based DJ who I caught playing at the Tuesday night NYC queer party STRUT! produced by promoter and fashion designer Deryck Todd. Hefez really understood the crowd and played an eclectic mix that kept the queers dancing and smiling all night. He began his career at the early age of 18 in Tel Aviv at a monthly queer electronic party called PAG, which he brought to NYC for Pride this summer for the first time. In my interview with Hefez, he describes his style as “tropical, post-internet,” which is a term that refers to those who not only use the internet as a tool, but comment on the internet’s affect on society as a whole. If you want to explore this further a good example of this movement is embodied by the label and collective PC Music, which “proposes a set of critical questions about pop culture, accelerationism, hyperrealism, digital communities, gender, identity, and consumerism. The questions may not have definitive answers, but that’s partly what’s so fascinating about the collective.” – Pitchfork.

** Resident DJ Pavone (Bottom Forty) **
DJ Pavone enjoys mixing up genres and helping the dance floor loose itself one song at a time.


Friday, June 3
9pm - 2am
The Eagle
314 E Pike
(206) 621-7591
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