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Synthesis: Yessential Movement
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Synthesis: Yessential Movement says
"Yessential Movement"

January 14 Synthesis Dance

Years ago in a galaxy far far away, I embarked on a study with an enlightened being from the YesSphere. We would meditate in groups on many matters, including using each other’s energy systems as portals of opportunity, gateways to the divine. One of the most powerful of these meditations is on the word YES. Breathing in Yes and out Yes, acknowledging every thought and affirming back into the great Yes at the center of the universe (if there’s language there at all)...

I invite you this evening to a dance of positive vibes, deeply primal soundscapes of varied genres, as is the norm for our Thursday evenings. I will say more when I open the circle…

If you are arriving late, take the following guidance with you, and heed it if you want to:

During this dance, dance as you will, and Yes every moment. If you get uncomfortable, YES the discomfort and do what you need to do to feel comfortable. YES the newfound comfort. Yes the people you may be inviting to dance with you, and Yes the opportunities to avoid those who don’t appear to serve your highest YES. Yes Contact, Yes Withdrawal, Yes Experimental Movement, Yes into the next opportunity. Yes the music, and Yes your ability to find many other beautiful people Yessing each other’s movement to the music. Yes Stillness and Yearning and All.

A word about No: Yes it. If no is to arise, please honor it with your deepest affirmation of what you don’t need, and find a way to Yes the solution. If you can’t find the solution, please Yes the opportunity to pull another to the side and discuss the stuck feeling, the difficulty arising, so that we might help each other come back to an affirmative stance about what is necessary to engender that Yes once again.

I Hope to Yes You in Presence for this Dance! And if you can’t make it and feel like saying something, please let us know on this page so that we might affirm whatever you’re going through.

I have an ancient history as a professional DJ, and this is my first time Yessing that performance aspect of myself in a long long time. I hope you get an ecstatic yes from the playlist!

-Patrick Oh

PS This is also a Birthday (Day of) Dance for my Sweetheart, Stephanie Winn, who is from Portland and new to OM.

7:45 - Doors open (for dance)
8:00 - Opening circle (please be present for the circle)
10:00 - Closing circle
10:00 - 11:00 Snacks and socializing

$10 drop-in, $9 on a 10 class pass

Upcoming DJs:
Jan 21 Carey French
Jan 29 Sander (debut)
Feb 4 Micah Mifune (debut)
Feb 11 Bryan Fabert (debut)
Feb 18 Kevin and Katrina
Feb 25 DJ Soleil
Mar 3 Daniel Ivan Espinoza
Mar 10 Suzanne Astar (debut)
Mar 17 Ifa Joybird
Mar 24 Chatara: Dancification Lodge

Please consider bringing a yummy treat to share for post dance enjoyment!"
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