The Crossing / The Forgotten 45's / These Young Fools / Shiver Twins // Central Saloon

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The Crossing / The Forgotten 45's / These Young Fools / Shiver Twins // Central Saloon
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The Crossing / The Forgotten 45's / These Young Fools / Shiver Twins // Central Saloon says
THE CROSSING (Fresno, CA // Indie Rock)

The Crossing’s knack of melody, as well as their strong writing ability, is apparent on their debut EP, True North. The EP expertly maps out a story containing bleeding-heart lyrics and vocals met with beautifully orchestrated drums, guitar and solid bass.
The group’s chemistry is closely resembled as brothers. Frontman/Guitarist Tad Kent has been a long-time collaborator & friend with Drummer/Backing Vocals Jesus Acevedo. The duo’s presence is obvious throughout their music as Kent’s vocals flow beautifully with Jesus’s signature drum grooves. They are also met with longtime colleague Damon Paraguas on Bass/Backing Vocals and Lead Guitarist/Backing Vocals Juan Montenegro, which furthers the group’s captivation and talent, giving The Crossing a full and powerful sound both on and off stage.Riding on the momentum of True North, The Crossing is booking shows all over the west coast and plan to release their highly anticipated full length album and the end of 2015!
Stay tuned for great things coming from this talented and unique California based outfit.

THE FORGOTTEN 45'S (Seattle, WA // Rock)

The Forgotten 45's are young musicians on a mission to connect with their audience. Connection that is deep rooted, meaning that when one listens to their songs it resonates within and stays with them for the long haul. Whether its in times of happiness, sadness, introspection, or anger. Delivering music one can bump in the gym or while fornicating with their partner(s). Unfortunately, it seems this intent is more or less an abstraction these days. Instead the focus is placed primarily on revenue, fads, and pseudo masturbation with a foam finger. In a time where music is more accessible then ever, the Forgotten 45's do well in utilizing the best of the 50s-00's as influences; all the while producing something that is uniquely their own.


These Young Fools, an American Rock/Pop band based out of Seattle, Washington. We set to deliver a great compromise between the gritty, instinctive approach of Rock with the appeal and freshness of Pop. We approach our music with an unpredictable, eclectic twist, blending diverse elements of layered synths, electric guitars with hooky vocals.

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By: The Central Saloon