The Finals

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The Finals
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The Finals says
1st place winners compete from the Cash & Gift Baskett. Guest Djs Jades Pain & Morgue Anne Morrighan
Week 1 Fill in
Mindy Meat Curtains aka Daniel Ashwell
Week 2
Sinfonia Delish
Week 3
Mallory Cabiling(Singer)
Week 4
Irene Dubois aka Ian Hill(Lip Sync)
Week 5
Elwood Fluze aka Ryan Roe(Boylesque)
Week 6
Cheri Hagan Hardman (Comedy)
Asked to come back
Voodoo aka (Lip Sync)
Jessica's wild card Jianda Monique (Singer)
Smokey Brown aka Sarah (Burlesque)

Roxy Lee Doll
Jessica Wallace
Deb LeighLeigh
Hallie Segelhorst
Raven Von Drake
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