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The Finals
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The Finals says
Winners of the past 6 weeks come togather with the judges Wild Card choices to win the 1st place.
1.Susan Jones (Comedy)
2. Morgue Anne Morrighan (Burlesque)
3. Raquel Hunt (Lip Sync)
4. Mallory Cabiling (Singer)
5. Dc Marvelous
6. Christian Raddler
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2nd place Anastasia aka Ryan Klock
3rd Lady Bob aka Robert Holzer
Jessica's Wildcard Joseph L Thorn
Voodoo's Wildcard Anka aka Daniella Anka Moalem
Mindy Meatcurtains
Deb Leigh aka Keifla Antonio
Voodoo Nightshade
MichChiChi aka Stephania Marie
Jeff Zitkovich
Lady Aphrodite aka Brian Peterson
Maximus Paine
Gnome aka Brian Amiot
Debrianna Blue Bear Wharton
Michael David Keller
Vivien Gabor
Katana B Hilton
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