The Hide Out / Flammable Charity Event W/ Wesley Holmes & Brian Lyons

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The Hide Out / Flammable Charity Event W/ Wesley Holmes & Brian Lyons
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The Hide Out / Flammable Charity Event W/ Wesley Holmes & Brian Lyons says
Welcome to the 6th edition of The Hide Out. Last month we shared the stage with two brothers from another who rocked the dancefloor and turned the room out. Eric Allen & Gene Lee never cease to amaze a venue with their energy, track selection, and skill. Thank you so much for being with us!

This month’s edition is going to be another VERY SPECIAL
NIGHT to say the least; something that we truly hope that each
and every one of you will take part in. As you know,
the underground electronic scene has been thriving
with incredible venues, festivals, and talented folks
over the last few years. We’ve been EXTREMELY BLESSED to
be connected with so many lovely people in this city, and to be able to walk into a favorite spot knowing that we’ll be
hearing some incredible music from our cherished
locals and knowing that no matter what we are
going through in our lives, we’ll encounter smiles,
open arms, incredible amounts of unconditional love,
and acceptance. So why shouldn’t everyone feel that sense of being cared for in times of need?

This month, The Hide Out will teaming up with Flammable
to help those in need, and give back to our community.
It’s about paying it forward, and setting our
own needs aside for the sake of taking care
of others. 100% of the evening’s proceeds will be donated
to the Chicken Soup Brigade. Chicken Soup’s clients have specific health challenges, such as HIV, diabetes, kidney disease, cancers, or disabling arthritis. Most are living below the Federal Poverty Level, and all require assistance in managing their nutritional health. Chicken Soup offers a comprehensive food and nutrition program designed not only feed people but to nourish them.

**** Please bring up to 3 cans of food or non perishable items for $5 off cover, and help us in our crusade to help those in need during this holiday season.

Spotlight Dj’s for the evening include:


These two gentlemen have not only been amazing inspirations to many, but responsible for the growth of the dance music scene in the Pacific North West for nearly three decades. We are truly honored to have these two representing such a special evening.

RESIDENT DJs warming things up….

BUCKMODE- Brennan has been blazing a great path over the last couple of years. He is quickly becoming a household name, and his sound always has the dance floor bouncing! B's latest mix is textured, groovy and can be heard here.....

ANTHONY ROBINSON- Versatile, and eclectic, he takes
listeners on a journey infusing a message in his sets. His latest mix touches on a variety of genres, and can be heard here...

****TOR DIETRICHSON (Live on percussion)

We are excited to welcome back the extraordinary percussionist!!! His fluid playing capabilities on the drums are truly impressive, as he embellishes our dj’s set with the upmost subtlety, and skill. A true crowd favorite!
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