The Seamonster Presents: Civil Discourse (Chapter Iii)

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The Seamonster Presents: Civil Discourse (Chapter Iii)
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The Seamonster Presents: Civil Discourse (Chapter Iii) says
Alex Mortland: Guitar
Ari Joshua: Guitar
Norman Baker: Bass
Father Jens Gunnoe: Drums

Civil Discourse! A continuing series of collective instrumental improvisation adventures at The Seamonster, every first Monday of the month!

May 2nd brings us the third chapter, in which our foolhardy hero (Alex Mortland, guitar) teams up once again with his newest bass-playing pal (Norman Baker, perhaps best known from his other life as a country-sangin' hellraiser), one of his longest-standing & truest buddies who also happens to rock the everlovin' snot out of the drumset (Father Jens Gunnoe) and, making his first appearance in the Civil Discourse story, his dayjob bossman & way-too-infrequent-axe-sparring-partner Mr Ari Joshua on the guitar.

Civil Discourse is decentralized, and no individual controls it nor chooses its stylistic destination. That being said, we CAN surmise that the noses of psych/art-rock, dub, electronica & rootsy stews will be tickled throughout the evening, based on the inclinations & histories of those involved.

Or CAN we?
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