Troller W/ Raica, Dj Kate And Guests

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Troller W/ Raica, Dj Kate And Guests
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Troller W/ Raica, Dj Kate And Guests says
False Prophet and The Crocodile are pleased to bring you:

Troller [Holodeck Records / Austin, TX]

Troller formed in 2010 out of Austin's dense electronic and experimental scene and played a key role in the founding of Holodeck Records. The trio’s synthesizer and drum machine half-time rhythms impeccably complement bassist and vocalist Amber Goers’ heavy riffing and charismatically tortured voice. From the onset, Troller‘s compelling live performances immediately distinguished them as a promising up-and-coming project yet to reach its peak. After touring extensively and selling out of multiple pressings of LPs, CDs and cassettes of the self titled LP, Troller wholly poured themselves into studio sessions for the second LP Graphic, crafting a professional and fully realized final piece.

RAICA [Further Records / SEA]

The cavernous and beautiful project of renowned DJ and Further Records headmaster Chloe Harris, Raica walks a fine musical line between lucid animation and blurred darkness

DJ Kate [False Prophet / (SEA]

Kate has been a performer in the Capitol Hill neighborhood for over a decade and has been a DJ/promoter for three years. She got her start spinning odd nights at Pony until she met Sharlese and the two became residents with their minimal wave and synth focused monthly dance party, Audiodrome. They soon moved to Kremwerk to found False Prophet, a monthly conceived out of a desire to galvanize Seattle's synth community and bring exciting underground acts to town. Kate is a collector of everything from coldwave to darkwave, new wave to no-wave, industrial to post-punk and from disco to soul. She is passionate about sharing sounds from all over the world with anyone who would listen and will often work multiple genres into her sets. She produces another monthly with DJ Mike Steve at Chop Suey called Too Many Creeps, a 70s-90s underground dance party.

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21+ // 8pm
$12 ADV // $12 DOS
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